What is this?
In a general kind of way we are aware that our daily lives, both on and offline, produce an enormous amount of data. Google searches, Facebook likes, credit card transactions, and the heartbeats of our mobile phones pinging distant towers all seem to accrue in databases somewhere. However, at the scale of everything, it is easy to loose touch with the particular moments that produce this data and the implications of its indefinite accumulation.

Swamp Thing seeks to provide an encounter to help think about this situation by creating an ephemeral and intimate interface to one's own email archive. By analyzing all the metadata in the archive, Swamp Thing surfaces patterns indicative of meaningful communication and utilizes this to predict emotionally resonate moments.

Data collection?
Swamp Thing performs minimal logging for the purposes of analyzing its performance. Your email address and IP address will be stored temporarily. None of your information will be shared or used in any other way.

Input a telephone number where you can be reached, grant Swamp Thing access to your email, and wait for the phone to ring.